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Noise and vibration monitoring

   Noise and vibration can have wide range of adverts effects on human health and environment. Long time noise exposure lead to permanent hearing loss and can be associated with sleep disturbance leading to illness, annoyance, increased stress level, cardiovascular disease and many others effects. High noise levels can also interfere with communications in the workplace increasing risk of accidents.

   Vibration generated by transport, quarrying and mining, demolition, construction works involving using explosives, pilling and drilling plants, vibratory rollers, wacker plate compactors etc. have the potential to cause aesthetic and structural damage to nearby structures.

Mechanical vibration at work can expose workers to hand-arm vibration (HAV) and whole body vibration (WBH). HAV is caused by use of work processes that transmit vibrations into the hands and arms of employees. Long-term regular exposure to HAV can lead to potentially permanent and debilitating health effects  known as hand-arm vibration syndrome, such as vibration white finger and carpal tunel syndrome.

WBH is caused by vibration transmitted trough the seat or the feet by workplace machines and vehicles. Regular, long-term exposure to high levels of WBV is linked to lower back pain.


Altum Scientific is providing wide range of monitoring and assessment services to help dealing with noise and vibration issues of its Clients. All our works are carried out according to relevant regulations, quality standards and guidelines.



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